Heavyweight tries the hands-down approach but gets knocked out stiff

A knockout from PFL Europe will probably go viral in the online mixed martial arts community.

Mickael Groguhe recently made an appearance in the PFL Smart Cage. Hee entered the cage with a remarkable three-bout winning streak, all via finishes in the first round. Just a few days short of a year after taking a break from competition, he returned to mixed martial arts and adopted an interesting strategy.

Against Islem Masraf, Groguhe adopted an unusual hands-down approach. This strategy ultimately led to his downfall. Within 10 seconds, Masraf delivered a stunning head kick, followed by grounded punches. This ended up securing his victory.

With this victory, Masraf not only extended his winning streak but also delivered a knockout that’s bound to become a viral meme in the online MMA community.

Masraf increased his MMA record to 3-0 with a perfect finishing percentage of 100% and two straight first-round victories. On the other hand, Groguhe’s record was now 3-2.

The peculiar nature of Groguhe’s defense did not go unnoticed by MMA enthusiasts, sparking a lively discussion on social media platforms. Twitter witnessed a flurry of reactions. Some of them are as follows:

“Bro thought he was in an edit”

“Crazy gameplan ”

“🤣😂best thing I’ve seen in a while ”

“Xbox controller died.”

“Finally one time I think I could have done better”

“He just learned a very important lesson.”

In another headline-grabbing match, Cedric Doumbe experienced his first MMA loss against Baysangur Chamsoudinov in the PFL Europe headliner in Paris. The match concluded in the third round due to Doumbe’s foot injury, marking a significant setback for the former kickboxing champion.

Following the ruling, Doumbe expressed his dismay and said that a piece of glass had been stuck in his foot. He made it clear that he had no intention of ending the match on his own.

He said: “I’m disgusted. I didn’t want this. Make some noise for Baki (Bassangour Chamsourdinov). This isn’t his fault. It’s the ref’s fault. I feel like there is a piece of glass or wood in my foot. I told the ref. I told Baki. Baki said so get it out. And then the ref stopped it. I never asked to stop the fight.”