Heavyweight secures KO in just SEVEN seconds to win title

Karlos Vemola’s remarkable display of skill and power left the audience surprised as he swiftly defeated Pavol Langer, securing his position as the reigning OKTAGON Light Heavyweight Champion. In a display of unparalleled prowess, Vemola concluded the bout in a mere seven seconds.

With precision and speed, Vemola launched across the cage to deliver a flawless two-punch combination that sent the interim champion reeling. This masterful display of skills ended up becoming the fastest KO in OKATGON history.

Post-victory, Vemola wasted no time in calling out his potential future opponents, Attila Vegh and Patrik Kincl. Vemola then celebrated his victory with the cherished company of his loved ones within the cage.

Following the bout, Vemola expressed profound respect for his opponent Pavol Langer. As a testament to this respect, the 38-year-old champion chose to contribute his earnings from the evening to support Langer’s family in Slovakia.

Vemola made his professional debut in 2008. Since then he has participated in big matches all throughout Europe, including the UFC. Vemola is renowned for his interesting life outside of the ring.

The 38-year-old former bodybuilder boasts a diverse range of extraordinary pets. He keeps a variety of animals, including lionesses, tigers, crocodiles, and baby sharks.

During an interview with Sporf, Vemola spoke openly about his pets. He spoke of rescuing one of his lionesses and being motivated by Mike Tyson to buy a tiger.

Vemola told Sporf: “The first one, I rescued. And it went from there because lions breed a lot. There are not many spaces for the lions, so she came to my house. I provided her with a home and got her a little mate to make sure she wouldn’t be lonely.”

Vemola continued by saying: “Then I saw Mike Tyson, with the white tiger. So I thought, ‘I wanna have a white tiger too’, and I got myself a white tiger.”