Happy ending? Tony Soto reconciles with Opponent’s dog after making vile threats

Bareknuckle FC produced a truly viral moment when they matched Tony Loco Soto with Joshua Morales at BKFC 28 ALBUQUERQUE. But while most viral moments in combat sports take place in a cage, this particular eyebrow raising moment took place during the face offs.

Loco was so ‘inspired’ by the dog’s presence he threatened to copulate with it after defeating Morales.

To make the whole thing even more odd and awkward BKFC production team cut to the dog afterwards delivering a must see tv moment.

The moment went viral and drew reactions from one of biggest UFC superstars – Jon Jones. While Jones is somewhat of a ‘bad boy’ himself the dog threats are where he draws the line.

Jon Jones replied with a nauseated emoji and pointed out the viciousness of the video edit cutting to the dog int he aftermath of the threat.

Another UFC athlete, Chase Sherman, was bemused by the video and joked about it afterwards.

Soto ended up besting Joshua Morales in the cage. Soto won via TKO midway round 3.


And when all was said and done Soto made friends with Morales’ dog.

“so the dog Accepted my apologies and understands it was just psychological warfare”