Haney becomes undisputed champion with impressive win over Kambosos Jr

At Australia’s Marvel Stadium, over 50,000 fans welcomed their newfound hero George Kambosos Jr home in what was perhaps the country’s greatest boxing match of all time.

Kambosos Jr was set to box Devin Haney in the event. Devin Haney was too young to earn a boxing license in America when he made his professional debut at the age of 17. Now, the 23-year-old has established himself as the face of the lightweight division.

The bout was held in the afternoon for those in Australia. Therefore, it happened on prime time television for those in the US.

Haney won the unanimous decision and became the youngest undisputed champion in the four-belt era. He was just too excellent on the night, with his hand speed and technique totally electrifying.

From the start, Haney asserted his dominance. He repeatedly knocked Kambosos Jr’s head back and slowly tagged the Australian up as he created a comfortable lead.

By round two, Kambosos Jr’s irritated face had begun to flush. Despite periodically displaying flashes of menace, he was never able to score a combination or a sustained assault of significance.

Haney was suddenly free-flowing, fluent, and boxing like a pro. A masterclass was on display as he changed positions, used every inch of the ring, and cleverly feinted to keep his opponent at bay. In the third, Kambosos Jr launched himself into the fray with a reckless left-hook that he missed by a mile.

As the match neared its conclusion, Kambosos Jr’s corner called for more combinations, knowing that single shots wouldn’t be enough to radically change the fight’s momentum.

But, as his desperation grew, he stepped into a searing left hook in the final round that threw him off balance, followed by another perfect right.

With Haney’s win assured, the American easily waltzed around the ring in the last round, strolling to a very easy victory.

Kambosos Jr, 28, was polite even though he was defeated. He stated that despite losing for the first time in his fight career, he would exercise a contractually-agreed rematch provision. He would try for a rematch scheduled for later this year.

β€œI want to take the best tests, the hardest tests. We’ll do it again. I thought the fight was very close, but look, I’m not gonna wreck his moment.’

β€œAll respect to him,” he continued. β€œI take the risk, I fight the best of the best. I didn’t have to fight him. F*** protecting records.”

Haney, like his Australian opponent, was polite in triumph. He thanked Kambosos Jr. for the chance.

Haney said, β€œThis is a dream come true. I was going through it without my dad being here, because I knew this was a big moment for both of us. It would have hurt me to accomplish this without him.”