Halle Berry’s MMA Movie Trailer Is Out – And it’s a Doozy

Halle Berry has been toying with reviving her career as an action star following the success of  2019 flick John Wick: Parabellum in which she costarred with Keanu Reaves.

Berry, a long time client of William Morris Endeavor aka UFC’s corporate owners centered her directorial debut around the life of a fictional has been MMA fighter Jackie Justice.

The movie finally received a premiere date – November 19th on Netflix. MMA community was mildly amused with the notion of this feature and had some not so kind words for the trailer:


Notably 55 year old Berry should likely not be starring in her own directorial debut. To boot the average age of a female MMA fighter is much lower. Like, 20 years lower. And notably MMA fighters don’t age well – just ask Nick Diaz. So the notion that a one time star – who is now scrubbing toilets – can make a respectable come back to a sport that appears to have chewed her up and spit her out in her prime is rather laughable.