Hafthor Bjornsson looks unrecognizable without beard, compared to ‘European Dana White’

Hafthor Bjornsson is utterly unrecognisable without his distinctive beard. The bushy facial hair has been a trademark of Bjornsson since he first gained fame more than ten years ago.

However, he just posted a photo of himself from the past on social media in which he is sporting a clean look. He posted a clip of him now and a picture of himself from the past. He captioned the post: “How I look with beard vs without beard”.

One individual sarcastically responded to the Icelandic strongman’s social media post by saying: “I really respect you sir , but please don’t shave 🙏”.

Another commented: “I was not ready 😆”.

Additionally, another comment read: “European Dana White 😂”.

Bjornsson recently took a little break from strongman to compete in boxing. And in March of last year, he faced competitor Eddie Hall following three warm-up boxing bouts. The match was described as The Heaviest Boxing Match in History.

Bjornsson won the match in Dubai on points. He was then in talks for an exhibition match with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. But when talks collapsed, Thor hung up his gloves and retired.

Bjornsson stated:

“I’ll admit there was a time when there was talks between Tyson Fury and I, his team and my team, there was build-up but that never went through. Now I’ve made a hard decision and the reason why it took me so long to make this video was because this is actually a very difficult thing to talk about.”

“I’ve made a decision to move on from boxing, to not compete in boxing again, to say goodbye to boxing and just not fight again. I had a good run, I did it for two-and-a-half years. It was nice to do so, because when I first started I had a lot of people not believing in me.”