Guy Leaps on Stage to Attack Khabib – Khabib Doesn’t Flinch

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the greatest champions in the UFC. The lightweight Champion made it to the top of the division among some very tough competitors, after all the division is probably the hardest on the entire roster.

But even though Nurmagomedov retired, seems he hasn’t lost his cool demeanor. At a recent Q&A session in England a belligerent audience member suddenly charged the Dagestani champion while he was talking.

Nurmagomedov remained ice cold saying:

No, no, no brother… Brother, don’t do this. Guys, guys, let me talk.

Guys, I come from other part of world here, to see you guys. And you know… I think I deserve some respect too, you know? Thank you.

I just want to say something. I feel like around the world (there is a) big support for my people, who have the same views I have. And I really believe that here everybody has the same views.
And please, take care of your kids. This is our future. And that’s important.