Gervonta Davis’ trainer arrested and awaiting extradition to Las Vegas on assault charges

Calvin Ford is a renowned boxing coach known as the inspiration behind a character in HBO’s ‘The Wire’. He recently encountered legal trouble in his hometown of Baltimore.

A Baltimore police spokeswoman confirmed that the 58-year-old was detained last week while leaving the Upton Gym. This is where he has taught several boxers, including Abdul Wahid (known as Gervonta Davis).

According to Baltimore Banner, Calvin Ford was arrested on December 29 in his hometown and is now awaiting extradition to Nevada, where he is allegedly facing felony assault charges.

Ford’s arrest is linked to allegations of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon stemming from an incident in Las Vegas. Ford was not represented by a lawyer, according to court documents. He is being held without bail at Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center.

Kenny Ellis is Ford’s training companion. He refuted the accusations against the esteemed boxing coach. While Ellis did not talk upon the specifics of the alleged occurrence, he asserted that he was a firsthand witness to the incident.

Kenny said: “Coach Calvin ain’t the type of guy that out here getting in a bunch of drama. I can’t stress it enough, Calvin is innocent. He didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Similar to the character of Dennis ‘Cutty’ Wise in HBO’s The Wire, Calvin Ford embraced the role of a boxing trainer following an extensive period in federal prison. Despite previous convictions related to racketeering and conspiracy, Ford redirected his life. He dedicated himself to guiding youngsters on Baltimore’s west side.

Ellis is renowned for positively impacting the lives of numerous local youths, including Davis as he faced legal challenges beyond the boxing ring. When Davis pleaded guilty to a hit-and-run incident in 2020, he was initially ordered to serve home detention at Ford’s residence.

When it was discovered that Wahid was spending time at both his own home and an opulent hotel, he was sentenced to prison.