Gervonta Davis pleads he’s ‘not a MONSTER’ amid claims he struck a woman with a ‘closed hand-type slap’

After getting arrested on Tuesday for domestic violence, lightweight boxer Gervonta Davis has come out and said, “I am not a monster.” in a social media post that has since been deleted.

A day after his arrest and shortly after his release from prison, Davis broke his silence and vehemently denied claims that he had struck a lady.

He said in a long Instagram post that has since been removed:


In the since-deleted post, he said that he had been watching ‘Frozen’ with his family. Davis also posted a picture of his little daughter.

According to a Broward County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Davis was arrested in Florida on a domestic violence allegation after reportedly hitting a lady with a ‘closed hand-type slap’. It is said that he left her with a lip abrasion.

In his long Instagram comment, Davis also said:

“I’ve been quiet for too long. I don’t have media team, PR, good lawyer…spokesman nothing off that… that’s the only reason I’m doing this now! Just to clear my name!”

“[I] have a f***ing helicopter flying over my house now as I write this because they look at this s*** as money to them and trying to get as much money as possible.”

Davis also dismissed a 911 call made by the victim. The woman in the tape said:

“He’s going to kill me! … I need help, please! I’m trying to go home. I have my baby in the car, and he attacked me in front of the kid. And, now he’s messing up my tires!”

Davis fiercely refuted the claims made on the call.

He said: “They doing this for money to and also to destroy me!! I am not a monster. I have two beautiful daughters that have to grow up someday and see this bulls***!! They post this bulls*** world wide before anything!”

“They even post a snippet of the police call which my child mother was crying on the phone because I wouldn’t give her my truck! Shaderoom, gossipinthecity itonsite and the rest of the internet blogs! Y’all all bad for the culture!! [sic]”

“Y’all don’t care if it true or false…he did or didn’t…y’all just want to put it out there because it’s beneficial to y’all businesses!”

The incident report sent to DailyMail did not include the victim’s name. Despite not living together, it does mention that she and the WBA lightweight champion have a kid together.

Davis remained in custody following the hearing on Wednesday. His bail was set at $1,000. However, he was released later that day. According to records from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, he is facing a misdemeanor domestic violence charge of battery causing bodily harm.