Georges St Pierre explains how martial arts helped him overcome anger issues and getting bullied

UFC legend Georges St. Pierre opened up about how he overcame a difficult childhood full of anger issues and bullying. He credits discovering martial arts as the key turning point in his life.

As a child, St. Pierre was angry and lacked friends. He was bullied at school on a weekly basis. His parents witnessed him going down a troublesome path, so they enrolled him in karate classes with a former training partner of his dad’s named Jacques Couture.

St. Pierre explained that the martial arts training gave him the confidence he desperately needed. “It helps me gain confidence to to to carry myself differently. I used to be like this, very shy. It teach me to when I get in the the academy, Just that changes everything. You stand up straight when I talk to people, when I shake someone’s hand, a firm and shake and I look at him in the eyes.”

The karate classes helped transform St. Pierre from the inside out. He went from being meek and withdrawn to carrying himself with pride and self-assurance. This had a direct impact on ending the bullying he faced.

As St. Pierre put it: “And bully the bullies in society are like predatory animal. They the lion will always hunt The lion will always hunt the weakest animal in the group. They never go against the alpha if they don’t have to. Bullies are the same. They go against the week because it’s easy. They’re easy target, and I was very weak.”

By reinventing himself through martial arts training, St. Pierre changed his “environment” and stopped being an easy bullying target. The bullies started to leave him alone once he projected confidence.

While martial arts gave him the tools for self-defense, St. Pierre is clear that he did not solve his problems by beating up all his former tormentors. Instead, it was discovering a passion that created internal change. This passion later became his career when MMA took off.

St. Pierre’s advice for kids facing similar struggles is to find their own passion – whether sports, arts, or otherwise. Developing skill and confidence in that area can work wonders just as martial arts did for the UFC legend long before he stepped into fame.