Georges St-Pierre denies rumors Brendan Schaub started: Not returning at UFC 300

Georges St-Pierre has been at the center of swirling rumors regarding his return to the UFC, especially around the much-anticipated UFC 300 event. However, recent developments have dispelled these expectations.

Initially linked to a possible matchup against Nick Diaz at a UFC Fight Pass Invitational, GSP faced an unfortunate setback due to a reported injury. This unforeseen circumstance abruptly sidelined the speculated grappling match bout between the two veterans.

Former three-title UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen stepped in with his insights, hinting at the potential for the St-Pierre vs. Diaz encounter to transition from the mat to the cage.

Sonnen stated on his YouTube channel: “You got to 300 a certain way. Did you do that by bringing guys in on a one-off? I mean the St-Pierre versus Diaz, does that draw? sure.”

“Why didn’t it happen at 199 or 201? Or 299 or 301? Why wouldn’t it happen there, if that is what got us to 300, why would we not continue to follow the principles and policies that got us here?”

Sonnen also suggested that “meaningful people” were discussing moving St-Pierre and Diaz’s matchup to UFC 300.

“I mean, I’m just asking because I’m hearing from some pretty good people, from some pretty meaningful people, a level of silliness within these fights.”

The UFC has before brought a renowned combatant out of retirement for a significant occasion.

Reflecting on past landmark events such as UFC 200, former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar made a comeback. So, Sonnen speculated on the possibility of a similar move for St-Pierre. However, the validity of these suggestions remains uncertain.

Recently, Georges St-Pierre decisively shut down the rumors surrounding his potential comeback. St-Pierre affirmed that stepping into the UFC octagon is not on his agenda, putting an end to any hopes or expectations of witnessing his return in the near future.

GSP wrote on X: “I haven’t stepped foot in the UFC octagon in a very long time. And no, I am not coming back!”

Addressing a fan directly on social media, he dismissed any chances of his appearance at UFC 300 or any forthcoming MMA event by replying, “No chance! 😂”