Gaethje shoots down McGregor Bout: ‘I Don’t Want To Face PED Users’

UFC lightweight contender Justin Gaethje has discussed the chances of him clashing with UFC’s biggest superstar, Conor McGregor.

McGregor has been healing from the fractured leg he sustained during his trilogy with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. He’s strongly suspected to be using PEDs to enhance his recovery due to his absence from the USADA testing pool.

USADA issued a statement regarding the fact they were found to have not tested McGregor at all in the last 12 months.

“Once UFC athletes are enrolled in the testing program, they are subject to testing – even when not competing – unless they notify the UFC of their retirement, their contract is terminated, or they are otherwise removed from the program,” USADA officials wrote.

“In the event of an athlete’s return to the UFC, they are required to remain in the USADA testing pool for six months before they are permitted to compete.”

They later added:
“We do not comment on the testing pool status of any particular athlete.”

Aaron Bronsteter confirmed earleir this month that McGregor is the only athlete on the UFC roster who has not undergone testing by the organization in 2022.

As a result, many had come to the conclusion that McGregor ‘retired’ from the USADA pool or somehow got therapeutic use exemption.

Gaethje was recently questioned about his often antagonistic relationship with McGregor. After noting that McGregor declined to challenge him when he came back in January 2020, Gaethje focused on the present situation. This included claims that the McGregor had used PEDs.

PED use is a very hot topic in MMA considering the damage one can take in the cage – and how that might impact them for the rest of their career. MIchael Bisping famously claims his eye damage was a result of having to face Vitor Belfort who was on TRT at the time.

Bisping has been outspoken that while PEDs can provide in edge in healing they should disqualify you from continuing to compete professionally in mixed martial arts.