Gaethje schedules nose job hoping to get one final title run

Justin Gaethje has attempted to capture the UFC title twice – and failed both time. Even thought Gaethje failed on both occasions thanks to his ground game lacking he’s determined to put the blame on another aspect – his nose.

Previously Gaethje was quoted saying hoping he gets his nose broken in a fight so that the UFC will fix his deviated septum.
In May of 2020 he said:

“I need my nose broken,” he explained. I haven’t been able to breathe through my nose for like 12 years since wrestling. So hopefully one of those elbows cracks my nose – the UFC has to pay for that (expletive) – and it’s an exciting fight.”

But looks like Gathje is sick of waiting:

“I’m going to get nose surgery July 14,” Gaethje told reporters Thursday on the UFC Hall of Fame red carpet.

“Take a good month to recover, and get back to work. I think end of the year, most likely early next year (I’ll be back). There’s a few fights that are going to happen, so I’ll let those happen. I want to clear a two or three-fight path back to the title fight.”

“I want to earn it, like I should, but I have a great manager so I’m not worried about it too much. I’ll be ready to fight.”

“I’ve been waiting for 13 years for someone in MMA to break my nose and it hasn’t happened. I broke it in wrestling practice 13 years ago, and life’s been hell since then.”

“I have to wear a nose drip tonight, every night to bed every single night. Eating, sleeping, living, training, fighting. I’m not sure. I don’t even know what my f*cking voice sounds like. ”

“I’ve been waiting a long time to get this broken. No one has done it, so I’m going to do it myself and give it one last run toward the title.”

Considering the likelihood of getting his nose re broken he’s likely looking at a longer break from the sport – which might not be a bad thing considering Gaethje’s all out brawling style that keeps the audiences electrified.