Frank Mir Got Hit So Hard By Pulev That We Got The “Finish Him!” Animation

Triller Triad was allegedly an incredibly lucrative opportunity for the 42 year old Mir. Mir was the underdog from the start – being scheduled to face a serious boxer Kubrat Pulev.

And the fight was over before it even really began. Very early on Mir was wobbled. Referee Dan Miragliota oversaw the competition – and some feel let it go on for too long. The result of his inaction was us being able to see former UFC champion Frank Mir suffer a standing knock out and display what would be best described as spaghetti legs.



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Mir was visibly out of it as you can see – and Pulev was declared winner by knock out.

And in case you’re feeling bad for Mir it might be worth a consideration that this is allegedly the biggest payday of his career. We say allegedly because Triller has been known to fudge numbers – and make peculiar requests. One example of them trying to come off better then they actually are was demanding that the podcast h3h3 sued by them announce that triller can track all the piracy streams via some unheard of tech.