Francis Ngannou targeting a ‘tune-up’ boxing bout before likely clash with Deontay Wilder

Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, has recently joined the PFL. While his new contract covers his involvement in mixed martial arts, it doesn’t diminish his aspirations to embark on a boxing career.

Ngannou’s desire to step into the boxing ring has sparked curiosity among fans, and in a recent interview with DAZN, he provided an update on his boxing plans.

Despite his move to the PFL, Ngannou remains committed to pursuing his passion for boxing in 2023. Expressing his long-standing dream to face off against Tyson Fury, Ngannou acknowledged that Fury’s availability poses a challenge at the moment.

Ngannou also mentioned his team’s discussions with Deontay Wilder’s camp, but their plans were hindered by a potential bout against Anthony Joshua in December. Nevertheless, Ngannou emphasized their alignment for a future clash after the Joshua bout.

“My goal is to have a tune-up fight this year, at least one before next year. That’s the vision for boxing. My team engaged some discussion with Floyd’s Money Team promotion regarding boxing, and we’re going to see about that, but we’re definitely coming out with a plan, and we’re coming out with something very soon.” – Ngannou told DAZN.

“It’s been Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder, and so far we only had conversations with Deontay Wilder, but Anthony Joshua is a fight we had liked too,” Ngannou said.

“We talked to Eddie (Hearn) once, but that’s when Joshua was about to fight (Jermaine) Franklin, but it’s something that interest me, and I think if we do this in Africa, it’s going to be massive.”

“And also, I have to point out the fact that even when we were talking to Deontay Wilder, it was a two-fight deal – one somewhere else and one in Africa. One should have been in Africa, so it’s the same thing we had with Anthony Joshua. I think it’s something that gets them excited too, to fight in the continent.”

Francis Ngannou’s move to the PFL has not dampened his ambitions to pursue a career in boxing. While his contract covers mixed martial arts, Ngannou remains focused on pursuing his dreams in the boxing ring this year.

With his sights set on facing Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder, Ngannou’s team has engaged in discussions with potential opponents.

The possibility of organizing a card in Africa adds a unique element to these matchups. It remains to be seen who the potential ‘tune-up’ opponent would be.