Francis Ngannou claps back after UFC makes a half assed attempt to erase him from UFC history

A controversial and objectionable incident unfolded during the broadcast of UFC Vegas 78, which drew attention to the former heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. While this incident might have escaped the notice of many fans, those who did catch it were left in a state of outrage.

As the rising middleweight contender Tafon Nchukwi confidently marched towards the octagon to engage AJ Dobson, fans were subjected to a display of misleading information.

Displayed prominently at the lower center of the screen were the words: “Only Cameroonian fighter in UFC history.” Not only is this false, but it also obviously mocks Francis Ngannou.

The fact that Ngannou wasn’t the first Cameroonian to participate in the UFC just makes the situation worse. This incident highlights a calculated effort by Dana White and his team to demean not only Ngannou but an innocent third party as well.

Francis Ngannou decided not to put up with the slander and deception. Despite his evident displeasure, Ngannou maintained his composure as he addressed the issue on his social media platform.

Taking to Twitter, he asserted: “Thierry Sokoudjou was the first Cameroonian in the UFC.” He posted the tweet with the image of the mentioned combatant. Ngannou continued his caption: “I was second. Don’t let them lie and erase history!”

In this incident, the UFC not only disrespected Francis Ngannou but also tarnished the legacy of an unrelated individual. This prompts the question – why? Is this provoked by resentment towards Ngannou’s exploration of free agency, which ultimately resulted in his favorable contract?

It is indeed disheartening that an entity as prominent as the UFC would resort to such a low blow. Even though it hasn’t yet been determined if this was merely an unintentional error by the UFC broadcast crew or something intentionally done and carried out by Dana White as a type of “inside joke,” the impact still remains.