Four-foot-tall dwarf beats female adult movie star in MMA fight before sparking brawl

Majit Suleymanov, a four-foot-tall dwarf, fought and beat adult star Alexandra Piskun. He also beat another woman entering the fight later on.

The Russian promotion’s latest MMA card included Majit Suleymanov. He is a blogger and social media personality. Majit was up against Alexandra Piskun, an adult star who had previously fought for the promotion against a reality-TV star.

In the newest episode of Epic Fighting Championship, Majit defeated two female MMA competitors.


Suleymanov started the match by climbing on top of his opponent and pinning her to the ground. After that, the adversaries exchanged many bunny punches with each other.

However, Majit brought Piskun to down to the mat with another takedown. Despite the substantial size disparity, Suleymanov proceeded to knock down his opponent with ease.

The second round followed the same pattern as the first. However, there was a new addition. A female MMA fighter, who looked to be coaching Piskun, started punching Suleymanov.

The female fighter also yelled at Suleymanov throughout the wrestling exchanges. The female fighter then yanked him off a full mount before kicking him in the face.

Suleymanov then took down his new adversary. Piskun was stuck in a two-on-one situation. All three fighters engaged in hard wrestling exchanges on the floor in the third round.

Suleymanov seemed to be more focused on the newcomer. Piskun attempted to join a tangle on the floor. However, the last bell rang, signaling the end of the strange encounter.

The drama wasn’t finished, though. When Majit was getting dragged away by four guys, a commotion ensued in the cage. He threw one guy to the ground before punching another, knocking him out.

After Suleymanov knocked the two guys, other individuals got involved. There was almost a ten-person fight now taking place in the octagon. Majit was later pronounced to be the winner of the match.