Former UFC star, WWE wrestler donates proceeds from pro wrestling event to support trans youth

CM Punk is a man of many talents. He’s the renowned US pro-wrestler, sports commentator, actor, and martial artist. He made his highly anticipated return to the ring at the debut show of AEW Collision, presented by All Elite Wrestling (AEW). During the event, Punk took the opportunity to raise a sign displaying a message of LGBTQ+ solidarity, showcasing his commitment to inclusivity and support for the community.

Phillip Jack Brooks, known by his stage name CM Punk, gained fame for his rebellious persona and dedication to a straight-edge lifestyle. Throughout his career, Punk achieved remarkable success, including winning the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Championship twice, the World Heavyweight Championship three times, and becoming WWE’s 19th Triple Crown Champion in just 203 days.

Punk’s accolades also include winning the Intercontinental Championship and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the only back-to-back Money in the Bank winner. After parting ways with WWE and retiring from professional wrestling in 2014, Punk made a comeback by joining AEW in 2021. Today, he is widely regarded as one of the biggest stars on the AEW roster, having secured two AEW World Champion titles.

Brooks also had a memorable short stint in the UFC. He was submitted just two minutes into his debut by Mickey Gall. He went on to have another showing against the woke journalist turned MMA fan Mike Jackson, which he lost after a lackluster three rounds. The loss would later get overturned to no contest after Jackson tested positive for pot.

Punk’s return to the ring was a special moment for fans, who had eagerly awaited his comeback after his absence due to an injury.

Following the conclusion of the show, Punk engaged with the audience and noticed a fan holding a sign that read “Support LGBTQ+ Youth.” Punk, alongside the tag team FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood), took hold of the fan’s sign and invited them into the ring to discuss the significance of LGBTQ+ rights.

Speaking to the audience, Punk shared his personal experience:

“I reposted something for Pretty Cool Ice Cream. It was an ice cream bar that some of the proceeds, if you purchased a bar, went to support trans youth. I got a lot of hate for reposting that message. Somebody in particular, don’t know who it is, a nameless, faceless person on the Internet said, why do you support that trash?”

He continued, emphasizing his unwavering support for LGBTQ+ individuals:

“But to be somebody who’s gay, lesbian, especially trans, I don’t know what it feels like to be trapped in a body that I don’t feel I belong. That is why I support that. Support trans kids, support for gays and lesbians. I want everybody to be themselves. Just do no harm to everybody else. Thank you. I love you.”

Considering the pro wrestling fanbase, this is an interesting move from Brooks.