Former UFC star calls out Jake Paul for turning down $30 million offer

On October 29, UFC icon Anderson Silva is scheduled to face the YouTube celebrity turned boxing pro Jake Paul in Phoenix.

But another UFC veteran believes that Jake Paul is dodging him – Vitor Belfort. UFC Veteran Vitor Belfort might be 45 years old but he’s not ready to quit his combat sports career. Belfort has been boxing ever since he was released by the UFC.

In the double main event of “DAZN X Series 002” on October 15 in Sheffield, England, Vitor Belfort will face Rahman Jr. Rahman Jr. announced this news at the first MF & DAZN: X Series at the YouTube star KSI’s event on August 27. The event has since been rescheduled – MF & DAZN: X SERIES 003 will take place on November 19 at the Moody Center in Austin instead of UK.

But prior to agreeing to box Hasim Rahman Jr – Belfort was trying to go up against Jake Paul.

Co-founder of Triller, Ryan Kavanagh, reportedly offered Paul $30 million to box Belfort, but The YouTuber turned down his offer. Paul even mocked Belfort with a picture of Belfort’s defeat against Anderson Silva.

“It is more-so about proving a point of why fake Paul was scared,” Rahman told The Schmo.

“He doesn’t want to fight Vitor, he declined that. They put $30 million on the table for them to fight and he didn’t want to take that and then now he didn’t want to fight me.”

“I don’t think Jake is going to be in a hurry to get in the ring with either one of us.”

Silva, who has a 2-0 professional boxing record, received his boxing license last Friday afternoon in Arizona.

Rahman Jr. will enter the contest with a 12-1 professional record. Kenzie Morrison was the first and only defeat in his professional career.

Vitor Belfort is 45 years old.