Former sparring partner accuses Conor McGregor of being on human growth hormone

Conor McGregor’s former sparring partner recently levied some interesting accusations at former two division champion of UFC.

Conor McGregor snapped his leg back in June of last year when he faced Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

The 34-year-old had been in recovery and hasn’t appeared in the octagon since then. However, McGregor’s leg is now fully healed and he has been back to MMA training as well.

In his year of inactivity, McGregor developed a surprising amount of muscle, a bald patch and a supicious looking rash on his stomach.

To make matters even more interesting, McGregor is absent from the USADA pool and hasn’t been tested once in 2022.

Former sparring partner Paul Malignaggi saw all these changes and threw some grave accusations at McGregor.

Malignaggi retweeted McGregor’s pictures from his birthday festivities and added  “Proper HGH”.

Human Growth Hormone or HGH is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, such as bone length and muscle growth. It is naturally found in children and adolescents. Several athletes around the world abuse these synthetic growth hormones to build muscles.

The former WBA welterweight champion still has a grudge against McGregor following their past altercation.

‘Magic Man’ helped McGregor in training for a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in 2017. However, Malignaggi wasn’t in the camp for long. During a heated sparring session, he was floored by McGregor.

The video of the sparring session spread online but Malignaggi denied he got knocked out and accused McGreggor of editing the video.