Floyd Mayweather thinks Jake Paul is one opponent away from it all being over

Floyd Mayweather has been watching Jake Paul’s boxing career from afar. Prior to his exhibition crossover fight with internet personality Deji on Sunday night, Mayweather discussed Paul.

Mayweather firmly believes that Tommy Fury will provide a “challenge” for the YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

Mayweather told Fury to not lose hope for their clash.

He said:

“See, a lot of times when you say certain things, you don’t want what you say you want. So Jake Paul’s got problems right here (pointing to Fury). I mean, he’s doing good for what he’s doing.”

“Like I said, for what he’s doing. It is what it is, it’s a lot of talk. It’s different when you get to the highest level, Roy Jones can attest for that. Claressa [Shields] and so many others fighters.”

“Once he gets in there with a real fighter, that can really fight, it’s going to be over for him. So he’s got to enjoy it while he can. Is he doing good? Absolutely, for what he’s doing. Guys 50, guys 40, of course.”

“Does he want to fight me? Of course, I’m almost 50-years-old, of course he wants to fight me.”

Paul and Fury’s boxing bout was already cancelled twice once, but the animosity between the two has persisted for months.

In fact, Tommy declared this week in an interview with Global Titans that after his match with Bamba, he would “jump out at ringside and slap him [Paul] in the face.”

Fury said,

“I’m not interested who’s there. There could be a million Jake Paul’s sat ringside, my mindset is laser focused on Paul Bamba and getting him out the way. Then I’ll jump out at ringside and slap him in the face.”

“I’m not interested in all this bullsh*t that people keep saying. I’ve heard it for two years now with Jake Paul this, Jake Paul that. If we’re not in the ring, I don’t give a s**t.”

“Think about my life, every single day of my life, ‘When are you fighting Jake?’ I’m not interested. I’ll fight him right now, no problem, because there’s no-one on this stage or anyone in the country who is built like us.”

Of course Fury still has no chance of making it to the US due to the fact his brother Tyson had ties to an Irish Criminal organization spearheaded by Daniel Kinehan.

This is also why Fury is forced to compete in UK despite saying he had no interest in doing so, couple years back.