Floyd Mayweather requested a rule change mid match

Boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr requested a rule change during his boxing bout against Don Moore. The 45-year-old asked to have the rounds extended in the middle of the match.

Floyd Mayweather recently had an exhibition boxing match against his longtime sparring partner Don Moore. They headlined the event called ‘The Global Titans Fight Series’ in Dubai on May 21. ‘Money’ completely outclassed Moore during each round. He even spoke to the cameras and the referee in between punishing assaults on Moore.

However, Don Moore should be credited as well for his being able to stand up until the last round. Moore’s latest bout before going against Mayweather was way back in 2016 and he didn’t have much experience in professional boxing.

Floyd Mayweather clearly had so much fun in the ring after being inactive for almost a year. Not to mention that he was also in a good mood after the organization granted his request of not postponing the event for October.

During the last round, Mayweather was still on fire and still got his breath. He was spotted winking at the camera and called for another round. However, the match had to go as planned and ended in the eight round.

Following the end of the match, Floyd Mayweather thanked people who supported him and commended UAE for having such an exciting crowd.

“I would like to thank everybody in the UAE, the media, and everybody who covered this fight. This is one of the best countries in the world.” Mayweather said.

The Michigan born also announced his next exhibition bout. He said he will box in the UAE again, but still kept the opponent’s name a secret. Many speculate he’s talking about Amir Khan.

“Don Moore is still undefeated, we are both still undefeated. I will bring another fight back to the UAE this year. It’s a secret. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag right now but we have an opponent, and I choose the UAE.” Mayweather added.