Floyd Mayweather claims Logan Paul is lying about not getting paid for their exhibition bout

Floyd Mayweather believes Logan Paul was adequately compensated for their exhibition bout. He also claims that Logan Paul wants to box him again.

Last June, Mayweather and Paul boxed in an eight-round exhibition battle in Miami, Florida.

Mayweather was said to have made as much as $65 million (£53 million) from the fight. On the other hand, Paul was said to have received a guaranteed fee of $250,000 (£205,000). He was owed as much as $20 million (£14 million) owing to his 10% cut of the pay-per-view earnings.

In February, Paul claimed he had not received adequate compensation for the bout. He followed up calling Mayweather a “scumbag.” Paul declared he planned to sue Mayweather over the pay issue last month.

Since then, Mayweather has fought in another exhibition bout in Dubai against Don Moore. Also, Mayweather has already announced a September return in Japan against MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura.

Mayweather said, “Logan Paul – I don’t really wanna call that an exhibition. I came to entertain and he came to hold.”

“Someone from his team – the guy who actually put the exhibition on that I was working with – reached out to us and said Logan Paul wanted to do another exhibition.”

“This is the same guy that said he didn’t get paid. So you guys have got to start watching these individuals clout chasing. You see these guys constantly bringing up Floyd Mayweather’s name on the internet, just trying to get clout.”

“I don’t even entertain the bulls***. We know he got paid. If he didn’t get paid, he wouldn’t be trying to get another payday.”

Mayweather claimed for the first time that Paul has been completely compensated for the bout. This wasn’t the case earlier this year.

Mayweather stated in February:

“This comes with the territory. To them, that’s real money, and I like the YouTubers. The money on the back end though, from pay-per-view, that takes a while.”

“Nothing comes right away. I’m still collecting cheques from fights seven or eight years ago. hey just hate when the table is turned. Be happy with the biggest payday you ever got in your life.”