Florida mixed martial artist talks viral incident in which he outwrestled knife-wielder

Former regional MMA combatant Javier Baez recently showcased his exceptional self-defense skills when faced with a violent knife-wielding assailant in a Miami parking lot.

The incident unfolded this past Wednesday. It was captured on CCTV and quickly gained traction online.

The video revealed Baez’s remarkable ability to swiftly neutralize the attacker and secure him in an effective arm triangle chokehold.

Following the incident, law enforcement identified the assailant as 50-year-old Omar Morreno. According to the official arrest report, Morreno aggressively approached Baez’s vehicle with a knife and started striking the window before Baez took action.

In an exclusive interview with ABC, Javier Baez recounted the moment when the attacker conceded defeat as Baez put him in an arm triangle chokehold.

Baez stated: “Once I started putting the choke in, he kind of just let go because no one is worried about anything else but breathing when you’re losing air.”

Furthermore, Baez emphasized how his extensive training made responding to the attack almost instinctual.

He continued: “When you train so many times it becomes just a reflex.”

At 34 years old, Javier Baez stands as a former professional MMA competitor hailing from Miami, Florida. He has an impressive record of 5-2-1. His early career was marked by a flawless 5-0 run, but a pivotal split draw against Kester Mark marked a turning point.

After losing to Diego Silva, he lost his next two bouts and hasn’t competed since. Baez used to train mostly at the UFC facility in Kendall, Florida. But he was also sometimes seen at the MMA Masters gym in Hialeah, Florida.

Since 2018, Javier Baez has transitioned from the ring to the coach’s corner. He affectionately referred to himself as ‘Coach Javi from MMA Masters’ in his Instagram posts. Although he has not formally announced retirement from the sport, the likelihood of witnessing him in competitive action remains slim.