Florida man arrested after admitting to attempted sexual assault at the gym

The harrowing tale of an Instagram model who had to physically defend herself  after being viciously attacked by a deranged Florida man inside a gym in Tampa has captured the attention of many.

Nashali Alma, a fitness trainer and Instagram model, was minding her own business in the workout area of her Tampa apartment complex when out of nowhere, Xavier Thomas-Jones launched an attack on her.

The vicious assault was captured on video and has since gone viral, with many applauding Alma for her remarkable bravery and spirit in the face of danger.

The video shows Alma trying to fend off Thomas-Jones, who was attempting to grab her. Despite pushing him away, the fitness trainer found herself in a desperate grasp for survival as she tried to escape from him.

Finally, after running into another room, Alma found herself cornered and had no choice but to engage in a fierce struggle with the attacker, taking the incident to the ground.

Despite being pinned down by Thomas-Jones, Alma managed to land several heavy blows that stunned him long enough for her to escape.

Court documents revealed that Thomas-Jones had admitted to planning to sexually assault Alma, making the incident even more disturbing.

Fortunately, police were able to track him down after he broke into the apartment of another woman in the same complex, only to be scared off by her boyfriend.

Thomas-Jones was eventually arrested and charged with sexual battery, false imprisonment, and kidnapping.

In the aftermath of the attack, Alma has become an inspiration to many, urging other women to fight back against their attackers and never give up. “As long as you fight back and show him that you’re strong and you’re not giving up, I believe it’s possible to escape. It’s better to reach out to law enforcement sooner than later,” she said.

In a video, Alma thanked her supporters for their kind words and expressed her happiness that her story had turned a negative situation into an empowering one. Her story serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that women face every day and the importance of standing up for oneself in the face of adversity.