Fixed? Zuluzinho gets stood up working a submission – gets knocked out cold

Zuluzinho’s latest bout raised quite a few eyebrows. Wágner da Conceição Martins ‘Zuluzinho’ is a longtime vale tudo martial artist hailing out of Brazil. Zuluzinho is 44 and has competed in MMA for close to 15 years.

Upto tonight his MMA record stood at 14 wins and 10 losses. Zuluzinho has been absent from competition from 2010 until 2018 but is back at it and still going. He’s been making appearances in slavic promotions Megdan and AMC FN. His last match up was against Petr Romankevich.

Romankevich is 32 and is somewhat of a prospect at 6’5″ with an mMA record consisting of 4 wins and 1 loss.

AMC featured the bout during a card in Minsk, Belarus.

Zuluzinho was working a submission from mount and was nearing the accurate angle to get the tap when the referee decided to stand them up. Zuluzinho was in disbelief but didn’t protest too much.

The bout would go on to continue – and the tables would turn fast with Zuluzinho floored by way of knock out.

Zuluzinho was previously involved in a match up against another MMA legend – Dumpling. In addition to the Dumpling, Zuluzinho squared up with Fedor, Big Nog, and Butterbean. Three-round boxing bout between Zuluzinho and Dumpling would end up being more of a staring contest. Kamotsky and Zuluzinho were unwilling to let their hands go. Dumpling was ultimately crowned winner in this contest. Either way, this is just the latest eyebrow raising chapter in Zuluzinho’s one-of-a-kind — career.

Dumpling is also known as Slap-Fighting Champ Vasily Kamotsky.