Figueiredo’s former manager disputes low payout numbers that were disclosed

Many UFC fans were underwhelmed when it was revealed that Deiveson Figueiredo made only $150,000 for his performance against Brendon Moreno at UFC 270.

UFC actively discourages athletes from sharing how much they’re paid and has been at the helm of the change that results in more and more State Athletic Commissions not disclosing payouts once the event is concluded.

Florida and Nevada are no longer disclosing payouts. However UFC 270 took place in California – which is still disclosing this information.

There, it was revealed that Deiveson Figueiredo received lowly $150,000 for title bout against Brendon Moreno and Francis Ngannou had a lowly base pay of $600,000.

In the fall out from the card, Figueiredo decided to part ways with his longtime manager Wallid Ismail and join forces with Urijah Faber.

Figueiredo explained:
“Our disagreement was based on numbers,” Figueiredo told Sherdog.

“When I was champion and fought [Brandon] Moreno at UFC 263, my purse was $200,000 to show plus $100,000 to win plus pay-per-view points.”

“In the third fight [at UFC 270], when I regained my belt, it was $100,000 (to show) plus $100,000 (to win) — that’s not a champion´s purse. “

“I called Wallid and apologized to him for some bad stuff I said to the press when I was angry, but we parted ways.”

“Urijah Faber is a long-time friend, who already fought for the company and I´m sure we will have a great partnership together.”


But Ismail is now disputing this. After an online commenter wrote:

“This is absolutely disgraceful and ufc and WallidJfc should be ashamed of taking advantage of a champ like Figgy who was willing to fight on short notice as a champion and put on 3 of the best fights in FW history along side Moreno. I hope Faber can get him what hes earned.”
Ismail fired back:
“when Deiveson lost the belt, he received almost 1 million dollars, with the gain in the PPV, never a flyweight had received .% in the PPV, don’t repeat the s**t of those who don’t tell the whole truth, show me a flyweight fighter who made more money than this ungrateful Figgy?”