Figueiredo disses Moreno after he refuses to distance himself from disgraced coach James Krause

James Krause has been the hottest story for all hard core MMA fans. For years there have been rumblings about back room deals and suspicious betting – but there’s never been that much concrete evidence.

Fast forward to April 2022 when Krause made the decision to become a public betting tout and went on MMA Hour to detail how his earnings from wagers top his career earnings in UFC – and by far.

A week prior to this interview another athlete revealed he had bet his entire paycheck on himself – hoping to get a half decent payday so Krause’s statements weren’t as jarring.

This would all change after the betting line for one of Krause’s trainees saw drastic movement prior to event.

The knee injury Krause’s trainee Darrick Minner suffered suspiciously in round 1 made the whole story blow up.

While the UFC initially tried to down play the severity, the State Athletic commissions overseeing these events quickly started firing off alarm bells. At the time of this writing, you can’t place a bet on a UFC event in Canada’s provinces Ontario and Alberta and you can’t place bets on events featuring Krause’s trainees in New Jersey.

Further UFC has prompted all of Krause’s students to leave his camp and severed the contract of Darrick Minner.

The most famous member of Krause’s camp is current champion Brendon Moreno. Moreno switched to Krause’s camp sometime last year and has been dismayed by what transpired.

Moreno was also the first guest on Krause’s now defunct youtube channel created to promote his betting tout subscription business.

Despite all that, Moreno made a post earlier today expressing his support for Krause.

The caption read “Waiting for justice” . Moreno also shared the image to his story with a heart caption.

Moreno’s arch nemesis, Deiveson Figueiredo dismissed the move:

“What a cute couple!” Deiveson Figueiredo tweeted. “A traitor working with a man who fixes fights. Ain’t no fixing this fight so tell your ex-coach to bet the house because I’m knocking your traitor ass out! @Assassinbaby (Brandon Moreno).”

Moreno and Figueiredo are staring down the barrel for their 4th clash which is currently booked for UFC 283 in January. It’s yet unknown what Moreno can do if he hopes to compete at UFC 283 in Rio. The event being held in Brazil is a plus but UFC will be looking to end this whole scandal as soon as possible.

Sources say that FBI may be involved in the investigation at this time. Krause has already deleted his discord, his instagram and is rumored to have no access to his electronic devices.