Fighter Disqualified For Illegal Knee

A Canadian middleweight MMA fighter KB “The Bengal” Bhullar was disqualified after landing an illegal knee on his downed opponent in UAC Warriors 24 in Abu Dabhi. Bhullar was fighting Tarek Suleiman on Friday. The bout then immediately stopped. Tarek Suleiman couldn’t continue the fight due to that illegal knee and Bhullar was disqualified.


The knee to the head immediately sent Suleiman’s head to the ground. The impact caused him to unable to stand. Rendering him half-conscious.

“That’s definitely illegal”, said one of the commentators during the UFC Fight Pass live stream.


Bhullar landed the knee a little too fast as Suleiman was still trying to stand. At the moment, Suleiman’s knees were still touching the ground, making him still in a grounded position. Attacking an opponent’s head when they’re grounded is considered foul.

Bhullar was mostly fought in Unified MMA, the biggest MMA promotion in Canada. Prior to that he had a stint in the UFC that ended with two losses – UFC Fight Night 179 against Tom Breese and in UFC on ESPN 23 against Andreas Michailidis. Bhullar’s overall score right now is 9-3 with the disqualification.


Meanwhile, his opponent, Tarek Suleiman, was mostly fighting in Desert Force. With a score of 12-7 including this latest fight. With his latest victory, Suleiman is now on a 3 fight win streak.