Fighter Accused Of Anti-semitism By Ariel Helwani

Ariel Helwani is tired from taking the high road – and in a sign of things to come he’s lashing back at Palestinian born Welterweight contender Belal Muhammad for this comment:

Belal writes:

“What a weak response Ariel, Wow…. Sports brings all races together and you’re gonna try to sit there and say I don’t like you because You’re Jewish and I’m Palestinian! That’s simply not true. Unbelievable, How about we see who doesn’t like who… From the Jordan Mein Fight and beyond you’ve never rooted for me or put shine on me go revisit your coverage of my cards I’ll wait… You’re a media legend in the sport so yes I noticed and I kept it moving. I didn’t toss out poltiical thoughts as to why you didn’t cover me. But whatever wish you well man there’s no hate in my heart (except for Colby & Strickland)”

Muhammad instantly got a response from Helwani:

Muhammad wasn’t the only one to try and provoke Helwani either, former UFC lightweight Ramsey Nijem contributed to the discourse:

 “Wanting people to co-exist is not speaking out against the genocide. Fact you said on your show that Belal did not like you bc of you being Jewish. That’s a nonsense statement as well that is as racist as someone who assumes you’re pro Zionism bc you’re Jewish. 2 way street”

To this Helwani replied:

“I know you’re trying to bait me and I have no interest in playing this game with you. I’ve addressed Belal today and addressed my thoughts on the situation months ago. Do your research or not. I don’t care. But I’m not doing this with you. Victory hand”