Female MMA fighter left unconscious on canvas after brutal kick just three seconds into bout

Amateur mixed martial artist Brenda Oliva was flat on the canvas after her opponent Julieta Martinez delivered a vicious high kick that landed right on her head, ending the fight in 3 seconds.

Brenda Oliva and Julieta Martinez clashed at the Samurai Fight House 4 event held by an Argentinian amateur MMA promotion. The event includes various matchups that range from amateur to professional bouts. Unfortunately for Oliva, her bout ended sooner than she expected.

As soon as the fight started, both athletes exchanged blows for a bit. Then all of a sudden, Julieta delivered a right high kick that connected on Oliva’s head. Oliva was rendered fully unconscious from the brutal kick. The fight ended just 3 seconds into the first round.

After the kick Oliva can be seen laying flat on the canvas with no sign of movement. The referee immediately checked on her condition while her rival Julieta was celebrating the moments. The worst part is that the medic was responding so slow. The referee even tried to drag her off the cage.

A Twitter account called ‘caposa’ was the first to share the video and spread it online.

“They didn’t announce names, but holy hell this amateur head kick KO a few mins ago at Samurai Fight House (Argentina).” caposa wrote in the caption.

It looks like Julieta Martinez got some potential and is ready to compete in professional bouts. Another account shared Martinez’s other bout against a different opponent. This time, the fight lasted a bit longer. However, it was still quite fast as she managed to knock out her opponent within 15 seconds in the first round.

In the video, Martinez can be seen delivering a combination of high kicks. Her opponent tried to break the combination but Martinez only got even more aggressive. She ended the fight with another head kick that landed on her rival’s head. Her opponent was still conscious but the referee decided it was enough and announced the result as a technical knockout.