Fans unearth video proving Khabib disrespected Oliveira

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the only stars in UFC that reportedly managed to surpass even Conor McGregor with his earnings. This is in no small part thanks to a deal he facilitated between UFC and Abu Dhabi tourism board.

The connection allowed for UFC to go through the pandemic and actually up their earnings as opposed to what majority of mainstream sports endured.

The deal with Abu Dhabi negotiated a number of UFC PPV cards that will take place there during their contract – and one of them is coming this October.

While the stripped lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira was reluctant to participate in one of these thanks to the ‘bias’ he perceived in scoring a teammates bout there he was more less strong armed into agreeing to face Islam Makhachev there at UFC 280.

There’s been a lot of talk between the two camps with Makhachev’s loudmouth manager Ali Abedelaziz often taking the front seat.

Meanwhile Oliveira’s camp is headed by coach/manager/former UFC athlete Diego Lima and slightly more inept at playing the games behind the scenes.

On the red carpet for Hall of Fame award, Nurmagomedov claimed it’s all a media game.

But despite Nurmagomedov claiming there’s nothing but respect in him for Charles Oliveira – unearthed footage shows just the opposite.


As a reminder Nurmagomedov also outed ADCC Gold medalist Yuri Simoes as a competitor that got ‘manhandled’ by Islam Makhachev proving that while Khabib had not been as open about disrespecting jiu jtisu as he once was – he’s still more than a little dismissive of the gentle art.

In the end, it will be upto Makhachev to entertain and try to demonstrate his point. Previously Makhachev faced ADCC Gold Medalist Davi Ramos in the cage in a boring kickboxing match which he won on points after doing his best to avoid any and all exchanges on the ground.