Fans uncover Brendan Schaub Easter egg in UFC video game

Brendan Schaub’s reputation soured over the years. He started as an affable young man that would often parrot whatever Joe Rogan had to say on his infamous podcast – but his credentials were legitimate.

He started in the UFC in 2009 and had steadily advanced. His career culminated with wins over Gabriel Gonzaga and ‘Crocop’ (Mirko Filipovic). He would go on to suffer devastating knock outs by the hands of Ben Rothwell, Travis Browne and Antonio Nogueira.

Schaub took his knock out defeats in stride and argued that Overeem was doing great despite his knock out losses:
“People talk about losses and especially knockout losses, but the guy in the heavyweight division that makes the most money out of any of us that’s probably the most famous is a guy by the name of Alistair Overeem,” Schaub commented. “He’s been knocked out more than any of us and he’s doing pretty damn well.”

These all prompted the infamous “You’d be surprised” exchange on the Joe Rogan experience.

“Watching Schaub get beat up by some of the hardest [hitters], it was so hard for me… because like, I genuinely love that dude and I saw where this was going and I was like, ‘You’ve gotta get out now!’ There is a point of no return when a guy starts getting KO’d by giants… ”

But regardless of the fact – he probably didn’t deserve for a UFC game to commemorate one of his biggest failings. During the UFC 145 event, Schaub went toe to toe with Ben Rothwell and got viciously knocked out. In the immediate aftermath of the knock out he proceeded to pummel the air above himself -clearly out of it. And this infamous moments somehow made it to the UFC game.

While Schaub is nowadays universally disliked by the MMA community – and by his own subreddit this was perhaps a bit too far.