Fans question validity of tapping due to tongue injury in light of Daukaus victory

UFC Fight Night 48 event featured a controversial submission victory. During the first round of the fight, Kyle Daukaus submitted Jamie Pickett with a D’arce choke.

Pickett tapped at the very last second of the round, which left many fans wondering if couldn’t endure the choke for one more second before the buzzer. Initially the spectators even wondered if this was a tap after the buzzer.

Jamie Pickett explained himself  on social media the next day.

Following that submission, many questioned the legitimacy of this reason for tapping. Doubters were dissuaded thanks to a classic fight between Nate Diaz and Jim Miller.

MMA Journalist Luke Thomas went on his Twitter to respond to a fan claiming that “having your tongue caught between your teeth” is not an excuse for a tap.

Thomas brought up the fight between Miller and Diaz as an example of another time that that same incident happened.

One fan tweeted:

“Do u think the claim “I tapped because my tongue was caught between my teeth” holds any validity? I don’t think you need an excuse for tapping, but he had one and it seems legit”

The fight in question took place a decade ago, as the main event for UFC on Fox 3.

At the second round of the fight, Diaz gets the better out of Miller on the feet, forcing Miller to shoot for a desperate takedown.

Diaz, while stuffing the takedown, locks in a guillotine choke so tight that it forces Miller’s mouth guard out of his mouth.

Nate then locks in the guillotine and rolls to mount, revealing Jim Millers’ face in agony as his tongue is trapped between his teeth while Diaz yanks in the choke.


During the live transmission, Joe Rogan went crazy over the fact that Miller nearly had his tongue “decapitated”, and the image was deemed unacceptable for Fox’s transmission so they immediately cut to commercials.