Fans fear end of career for boxer after big eye cut leads to ’embarrassing’ first-ever defeat

In a heavyweight showdown on September 30, Jeamie TKV faced off against the formidable Igor Macedo. This monumental clash unfolded on the undercard of the Caroline Dubois vs. Magali Rodriguez bout, captivating combat sports enthusiasts at the historic York Hall in London, England.

Unfortunately, fate took a grim turn in the sixth round, as he sustained a harrowing cut above his eye. The resulting torrent of blood prompted the referee to halt the bout, awarding Macedo a TKO victory.

This match etched a painful mark on TKV’s otherwise unblemished professional record. Prior to this encounter, he boasted an impressive 5-0 streak in the heavyweight arena.

News of Jeamie TKV’s injury reverberated across social media platforms, evoking a mix of concern and awe among boxing aficionados.

One commentator expressed genuine worry, fearing the worst for the 29-year-old: “I thought he’d lost an eye there.”

Another fan declared it as one of the most severe cuts witnessed in combat sports. He said: “Probably the worst cut I’ve ever seen in combat sports if not top 5.”

TKV now faces a crucial period of recovery and introspection. The boxing world watches with bated breath, eager to witness his triumphant return to the ring.

Despite fans’ empathy for Jeamie’s predicament, they believe that he deserved to lose.

One fan believes that it was “embarrassing” that the bout was included on the main card of the event. He wrote: “Embarrassing that it was on the main card”

A parallel is then made by another fan, who claims that YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul could have easily beaten him. He wrote: “TKV was going to loose anyway. Jake Paul would have beat him.”


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