Fans compare Rob Font’s face to a Klingon thanks to the damage Chito Vera caused

Rob Font hasn’t had a great showing last night. While the New England striker leaned heavily onto his crisp boxing his chin failed to uphold – and caused Font to lose despite out striking Vera big time.

Marlon Chito Vera had a -112 significant strike differential (159 vs. 271). This is the largest negative differential to win by decision in UFC history. The previous record belong to Robbie Lawler over Carlos Condit with a -84 differential.

Despite Font’s striking, Vera looked unhindered whereas Font’s facial features degraded round after round.

Font’s chin was his biggest failing considering he was doing great in the striking department – but like clockwork late in each round his defenses would stall and Vera landed strikes that would significantly wobble Font who seemed to be running on auto pilot at times.

MMA pros and community shared their best reactions to Font’s physique: