Fans roast Dillon Danis for allegedly feigning Conor McGregor’s accent

Dillon Danis is a frequent topic of ridicule in MMA fandom. Once a legitimate jiu jitsu talent, Danis is now a staple conflict any young prominent social influencer must call out and or confront.

After Dillon Danis appeared to speak with Conor McGregor’s Irish accent during a recent interview, the 29-year-old was once again the target of jokes and ridicule online.

Danis appeared to attempt to impersonate an Irish accent in one of his interviews. Danis is seen speaking to a reporter in a video that was uploaded to Twitter with the caption:

“Why the f**k is he feigning Conor’s [McGregor] accent?”

Users responded to the video, posting their own humorous comments. One of them answered:

“Dillon the type of guy to shoot for a takedown during this boxing match.”

Some people spoke about Danis, while others discussed his combat sports career. References to his actions outside of the octagon emerged as a recurring topic in the responses:

“he constantly gets trashed online for antics only he finds funny. Almost got knocked out for it the other day. It’s actually getting sad.”

“He’s right about not being Anderson or Woodley. They are actually accomplished and respected by their peers.”

Dillon Danis will compete against UK-based YouTuber turned-boxer KSI soon. The two will square off on January 14 after months of verbal sparring both online and in real life.

UFC icon Conor McGregor recently complimented his former adversary Nate Diaz for striking one of Dillon Danis’s colleagues in a now-deleted tweet. It seems that things are not going well between the two training partners.

Danis and Diaz both went to Madison Square Garden to see UFC 281. Outside the event, their entourages came into contact. There was a verbal back-and-forth during which individuals from each side trash-talked the other.

When security from both sides intervened to break up the altercation, Diaz proceeded to hit one of Dillon Danis’s teammates before the combatants split off.

Conor McGregor then responded to the incident with the following tweet, which has since been removed:

“Haha nice shot”

Dillon Danis and Conor Mcgregor used to train together, with Danis perhaps serving as one of McGregor’s grappling instructors and a sparring partner. But it seems that the two longtime pals have just broken up.