Fan claims this video has the definitive proof Anderson Silva was involved in rigging Jake Paul event

Jake Paul’s love hate relationship with MMA fandom continues. After each win there’s a wave of rumors about match fixing – and a strenuous attempt to deny said rumors.

This whole cycle was initially perpetuated by Paul’s foe Dillon Danis and has since persisted with plenty of tinfoil hat theories about each of Paul’s boxing wins.

And with each bout there was social media content elaborating as to how exactly it was ‘rigged’. This time the evidence is in this half step Anderson Silva made after getting knocked down by Paul.

@bigalcasey Rigged #jakepaul #jakepaulboxing #jakepaulvsandersonsilva #riggedfight #fake #stagedfight #boxingdive ♬ Take Me to Hell – Chloe Adams

The fan is not alone in this – Nate Diaz expressed similar sentiments in a tweet.

With a clip of the late rapper Tupac claiming he doesn’t “support the phonies,” Diaz tweeted, “Your all on payroll.”

This is eerily similar to that time Diaz claimed everyone in UFC was on PEDs.

Regardless of the fan theories it’s very likely Paul will clash with Diaz next despite a big size discrepancy between the two. Paul opened up as a favorite in a potential match up against Nate Diaz. Any even featuring Nate is unlikely to happen until some point mid 2023 due to his UFC contract having an exclusive negotiation period as well as matching clause.

Father of Tommy and Tyson Fury also criticized Paul for his performance against Silva saying:

“If any of my sons was fifty years old and doing that, I’d say ‘Listen, have a day off, give your head a wobble,’” Fury Sr. said.

“‘Alls you’re going to do is make a fool of yourself and entertainment for other people. You’re making the other man that’s useless look good.’ Jake Paul can’t fight. [Tommy] will knock Jake Paul out with one punch. And I’ll say it now on camera: Jake Paul will get knocked out with the first right hand that he throws, and I’ll put money on it.”