Famous chef Gordon Ramsey had a hilarious reaction to UFC’s latest sponsor

Logan Paul and KSI’s new drink PRIME has become a hit. The sports hydration beverage recently became the Official Drinks Partner of the UFC in what seems to be a huge sponsorship. Apart from this deal, the drink has received favorable reviews for its taste.

However, famous chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsey thinks otherwise. The culinary TV star is known for giving food reviews that are both scathing and hilarious. He roasted the PRIME drink for its supposedly poor taste.

A couple of weeks ago, the Michelin chef was on the British radio Heart. He first smelled the Tropical Punch-flavored drink and said that “It smells a bit high,”

The drink’s price also surprised him.

Ramsey drank the beverage and told the hosts: “Well, it tastes like I’m swallowing perfume. What is that?”

“I’ll send it to Nigella (a food writer) to cook her pork ribs in,” he added.

The hosts asked Ramsey if he’d serve the drink at The Savoy and what his sommelier might think.

“Yeah, no. I’d get fired,” replied Ramsey

“Can you imagine giving that to a French sommelier?” he remarked.

They asked Ramsey to rate the drink out of ten, to which he gave the following reply:

“It’s like a sort of dregs of Gina D’Acampo tiramisu. What I would give out of ten? Zero.”

After this brutal onslaught, KSI responded to the Kitchen Nightmares host by reacting to it in a video. Before even watching the clip, he knew that Ramsey would roast the drink.

“He’s going to say it’s sh*t innit. It’s Gordon Ramsay, he hates everything that isn’t his,” said the British Youtuber.

KSI laughed throughout the reaction video and when he heard Ramsey comparing PRIME to dregs, he said the following:

“I don’t know if that’s an insult or if he was complementing Prime…,”

“I think it’s an insult by the way she’s laughing, but like, I don’t know how much of an insult!”

KSI also recommended that Ramsey “try the other flavors” though.