Elon Musk flamed ‘brain dead’ Logan Paul for PED abuse

Logan Paul seems to be attracting controversies left and right.


Logan Paul has been dealing with a tremendous amount of scrutiny due to a series of videos detailing him allegedly playing a part in a multi-million NFT fraud.

Coffeezilla is a self-described internet detective on YouTube. He uploaded a video investigating Paul and his alleged involvement in a $40 million cryptocurrency fraud.

Logan Paul’s NFT project/crypto game CryptoZoo failed to pay the developers and was basically abandoned. This caused multiple individuals to lose tens of thousands of dollars.

Dillon Danis criticized Paul for his suspected involvement in the cryptocurrency hoax on his official Twitter account. He tweeted: “damn logan paul is a scumbag feel bad for everyone he scammed”

Paul ended up pledging a 1000 ETH (about 1.3 million) to help pay off some of the investors in the scammy ventures and ended up issuing 3 responses to that controversy.

Amidst all that a video of Elon Musk flaming Logan Paul went viral. In the video, TESLA ceo accuses Paul of PED use:

“So Logan, Paul wants to say Jesus and God isn’t real. How about I install a microchip into your head so you get more educated, you braindead, ster0id abusing motherf**ker? I need to take the biggest s*it out of my a**hole right now.”

Paul responded on Impaulsive:

“I can’t believe he said that about me. I believe in God, stop this narrative. Take that s**t out of your a****le bro, don’t bring me into this”

Paul pushed back against one of his religious side kicks in a podcast episode prior to NYE – and that’s why a number of netizens seem especially mad at him.

Logan tried to distract from the issue by calling out Andrew Tate to an MMA bout during an appearance on TimboSugar Show: