Dustin Poirier Threatens to Leave UFC for WWE

UFC lightweight title challenger Dustin Poirier threatened to leave the UFC for WWE due to the difficulty he’s had booking a new match up.

Dustin Poirier last appeared in an octagon in October of 2021 when he failed to snatch the lightweight title against Charles Oliveira. Since then, the Lafayette native has been asking the promotion to book him against Nate Diaz. But due to Nate Diaz contract negotiations – UFC has been reluctant to pursue this fan favorite match up.

Recently, ‘The Diamond’ threatened to leave the UFC for WWE. Poirier took to his Twitter account to reply to one of his fans who asked him when he will join WWE.

“On my way.” Poirier replied.

Poirier also slammed the UFC when a fan when he’d be able to see Poirier in the octagon again.

“Dustin, when can we see you back in the octagon brother?” A fan asked. Poirier simply wrote, “When they stop playing around”.

Even though he competed in the lightweight division thus far, Dustin Poirier normally walks around with 180 pounds or more so he’s been eager to move to welterweight.

“185 today.” Poirier wrote.

Poirier implied that competing in the welterweight division won’t be a problem. Since he won’t be cutting too much weight to get 170 pounds.

Many fans would also want to see Poirier fighting his former teammate Colby Covington. However, it seems that Poirier’s hatred towards Colby has reached another level. He’s been vocal about not wanting a sanctioned bout with Covington due to the amount of trash he’s talked about Poirier’s wife and child.

Meanwhile Nate Diaz keeps trying to get the attention of the brass – but they’re likely to let it play out. As per Francis Ngannou manager a number of UFC athletes is waiting to see how their free agency plays out before making any big moves.

““I Would like to request to be released from the [UFC] [Dana White]. I apologize for asking online but you don’t give me a fight ASAP I got sh*t to do.” Nate Diaz wrote on Twitter.