Dustin Poirier reacts to Slow-mo footage showcasing how his nose became crooked

Mixed martial artists are no strangers to injuries, and Dustin Poirier is no exception. Poirier, the former UFC Interim Lightweight Champion, has been living with a twisted nose for almost six years. Despite undergoing two surgeries, Poirier still suffers from the consequences of a broken nose.

In a conversation with Joe Rogan on JRE, Poirier revealed that his twisted nose resulted from a bout against Joseph Duffy back in January 2016.

Duffy crushed his nose during the event.


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Even after the first surgery, Poirier still couldn’t breathe properly, so the surgeon had to break it again and insert cadaver rib cartilage into the bridge of his nose. Unfortunately, the problem persists, and Poirier still cannot breathe from one side of his nose.

Life of a mixed martial artist is tough, and Poirier’s crooked nose only adds to the challenge.

Not being able to breathe properly from one side of his nose is a constant struggle for him. Poirier has to pull the skin on his face to let the air pass, and he revealed that he won’t be undergoing another surgery since it might break again if he continues competing in MMA.

Despite the challenges, Poirier remains one of the top contenders in the UFC’s lightweight division. In fact, he has even managed to pick up a comfortable unanimous decision victory against Joseph Duffy despite suffering a broken nose. Poirier’s resilience and determination are a testament to his spirit.

He reacted to the footage on social media adding: “Shaped like a boomerang now!”