Dustin Poirier finally paid $20K charity donation he promised to Charles Oliveira

Dustin Poirier has long claimed that charity work is an important part of being a public figure. This is why he started his own non profit organization. You might remember Khabib Nurmagomedov donating his shirt to be auctioned off for the charity following Poirier’s title shot against him.

But despite being a very talented striker, Poirer has had no luck when it comes to actually winning the title. Poirier lost his 2nd chance at the light weight title back in December at UFC 269. At the event he promised Charles Do Bronx Oliveira that he would be making a charitable donation to his charity.

Oliveira comes from humble beginnings and is very involved in helping youth in Brazil. Recently, Dustin Poirier has claimed that he had fulfilled his promise to donate $20,000 to Charles Oliveira’s hometown charity.

Despite the pledge, it took months to find a suitable charity and work on the legalities in Brazil.

That led some internet Trolls to question Poirier’s promise. Recently, one Twitter user took a dig at Poirier, claiming that he ducked the donation to Oliveira.

“Ain’t no way the dude who ducked the donation to Charles is calling each others fake.”

Which ‘The Diamond’ replied short and clear, “Paid in full.”

Poirier stated:

“I saw a video of him showing where he grew up and where his mom cooked dinner for him. I don’t know if it was an old video and saw some of the sights of where he grew up and just how little they had.”

“And it came to me this week, I thought I was going to let him know, win, lose or draw, talk to him after that me and “The Good Fight foundation” would donate $20,000 to his city in Brazil and put the money wherever they think it needs to be.”

Poirier is renowned for his charity works with The Good Fight Foundation in his hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Last year, the 33-year-old was also involved in a feud with rival Conor McGregor over the donation pledge that ‘The Notorious’ previously vowed in January last year.

McGregor stated that he will donate $500,000 to a charity in Louisiana in the buildup of his second clash with Poirier at UFC 257. However the donation was late – possibly due to tax implications.

“Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana received an unexpected call last week and are humbled to share that Conor McGregor is donating $500,000 to impact youth in South Louisiana by supporting our upcoming 2021 Summer Camp and ongoing health and recreation activities in our 6 Club sites,” the Boys & Girls Club announced on Facebook. “This investment is a gamechanger! Thank you, Conor, for helping to ensure that our kids have what they need to grow and thrive this summer!”