Due to the conflict in Ukraine, the WBC has decided to de-rank Russian and Belarusian boxers

WBC came out with some surprising news over the weekend.

The sanctioning body for the sport of boxing held their annual conference in Mexico.
After the conference, they announced that all boxers from Russia and Belarus would be removed from the ranks.

Neither country would be sanctioned for boxing bouts by the World Boxing Council. As well as the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Association.

“All fighters from Russia and Belarus are being removed from the WBC rankings. The WBC will not sanction any fights in those two countries and no national citizen from those two countries can compete for a WBC championship title.”

According to Sky Sports, this is what Sulaiman said on Tuesday at the convention.

“I wish to express our deep regret for the athletes, for the promoters, for the members of the boxing industry from Russia and Belarus who will suffer with these consequences of the actions outside the ring. The WBC believes in peace, believes in fair play, and believes human dignity.” Sulaiman added.

However, WBC may make an exemption. The exemption would cover boxers who were born in Russia and Belarus but now reside and train outside of their home countries.

Dmitry Bivol was born in Russia but has spent the majority of his adult life in the United States. Artur Beterbiev has lived in Canada for nearly a decade.

The WBC has mandated that in order to get an exemption, the boxers must “reject Russian” politics.

“At the November 6, 2022 Board of Governors meeting, the board unanimously approved the resolution to remove all boxers from either of those countries from the world ratings.”

“Any specific cases of nationals of either of those countries permanently residing in other countries, are citizens of other countries or are refugees who have publicly rejected Russia’s actions in the current situation will have the right to petition the WBC.”

“To reconsider The WBC’s ruling is effective immediately and will stay in effect until such time when Ukraine is able to resume their normal boxing activities or when the WBC revisits its ruling.”