Dubois disputes Usyk win, after low-blow controversy

In a dramatic world title clash between Daniel Dubois and Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday night, a cloud of controversy hovers over the outcome. Dubois feels that his match against Oleksandr Usyk was unfairly decided against him.

Dubois experienced a knockdown twice during the match, leading to a stoppage defeat in the ninth round. Dubois contends that the bout should have ended four rounds prior to the stoppage.

In the fifth round, he managed to land what appeared to be a significant body shot on Usyk which caused him to fall.  However, the referee ruled it as a low blow.


Also, Usyk was granted an extensive recovery period. When the match recommenced, he displayed little impact from the alleged low blow.

Dubois passionately argues that his punch was entirely legitimate and that he has been deprived of a victory that rightfully belonged to him. He alleged that he was “cheated out of” his the WBA, WBO, and IBF unified heavyweight world belts.

In his interview after the match, he expressed his frustration by stating: “I don’t think that was a low blow. I think that landed and I’ve been cheated out of victory tonight. What else can I say?”

The sentiment of injustice extends beyond Dubois himself. His trainer Don Charles was visibly furious as he reviewed the replay footage.

In a burst of anger, he questioned the referee’s judgment, exclaiming: “How is that low?! Look at it, look at it! Play it again! There! How is that low?! Look at it!”

Frank Warren echoed this sentiment. He disclosed their plans to appeal the result, asserting that Dubois was undeniably wronged.

He said the shot that was deemed a low blow had struck Usyk’s waistband, an area that Dubois had strategically targeted during his training. He said: “He was cheated out of victory. It hit him on the waistband. That’s all he worked on in camp, working to the body, he saw that as a weakness.”

“The referee got it badly wrong, badly wrong. I like Usyk, but that was a complete hometown decision. He won that fight… It’s a nonsense, total nonsense.”

“The governing bodies will have to do something about it and they will order a rematch. How can you not order a rematch on the strength of that? He won it.”

“We’ll appeal what’s gone on here. I’m quite sure they’ll order a rematch. Justice has to be done.”