Dricus Du Plessis Reveals Facial Recognition Didn’t Work on His Phone After Title Win

New UFC middleweight champion Dricus Du Plessis recently appeared on a South African radio show, where he discussed the aftermath of his title-winning fight against Sean Strickland. Du Plessis pulled off a stunning fifth round knockout to capture the belt in front of his home fans in South Africa.

However, the victory came at a cost, as Du Plessis endured tremendous damage during the bloody back-and-forth battle. Photos emerged after the fight showing Du Plessis’ badly swollen face, with both eyes nearly swollen shut from hematomas.

When asked on the radio show about the swelling, Du Plessis revealed that it got so bad that the facial recognition feature would not work on his iPhone.

“I didn’t have any cuts or any stitches. My opponent, of course, you needed to get some stitches, and I’m just happy about that because I mean and it was we were fighting at 1 in the morning in the end of the time because they they it’s on the East Coast, and they make us fight Vegas times just for the for the paper views,” said Du Plessis.

He continued, “But when I saw myself in the mirror, when it got back to the hotel, I mean, she Yeah. I see the photos on the press conference. I thought it was a sketch. I thought somebody, like, enhanced it or something, like a caricature. I’m like, oh, no. You leave it wrong.”

When asked if he had to use other means to unlock his phone, Du Plessis laughed and confirmed the facial swelling was so bad that facial recognition would not work.

“It won’t work. It won’t work,” he stated.

The swelling has since gone down and Du Plessis figures to be back in action later this year to defend his coveted middleweight belt for the first time. A bout against Israel Adesanya is likely next. But for a few days after the fight, Du Plessis was nearly unrecognizable even to his own iPhone.

Michael Chiesa, who has the same management team as Dricus Du Plessis, says Dricus’ management is trying to get DDP vs Israel Adesanya booked for UFC300.

Chiesa: “I have the same agent as Dricus Du Plessis and I think that they’re trying to make it [Du Plessis vs Adesanya] happen.”

Du Plessis was noncomital about return during the interview, detailing that he has to undergo an MRI first.