Drew Dober finishes Glenn via TKO in First round

Drew Dober wasted no time dispatching Ricky Glenn in a thrilling lightweight clash at UFC Vegas 80.

Despite acknowledging Glenn’s reputation as a formidable opponent, Dober entered the octagon with no specific expectations, only the readiness to react, as he expressed in his post-fight interview.

Anticipation was high for this showdown, with many expecting it to potentially earn the coveted $50,000 bonus. Dober had already amassed an impressive five post-fight bonuses in his last eight fights, while Glenn, though not as decorated in that regard, had a history of entertaining bouts, with his recent record showing a 1-1-1 tally, including a knockout loss to Christos Giagos.

Dober appeared remarkably composed and even smiled before the opening round. However, once the cage door closed and the referee signaled the start, that smile gave way to a determined focus as the two locked eyes.

Glenn wasted no time, initiating round one with a fierce charge towards Dober. He attempted a single-leg takedown, momentarily off-balancing Dober, who quickly regained his footing. After circling each other in search of openings, Dober unleashed a barrage of powerful and precise strikes.

Dober’s strikes hit their mark like precision missiles, rapidly dropping Glenn to the canvas. Capitalizing on the situation, Dober attempted to secure a guillotine choke, but Glenn swiftly reversed the position. Glenn then transitioned into a deep half guard and tried to pull Dober into full guard, but Dober, still on his feet, resisted and escaped Glenn’s guard. The referee intervened to stand Glenn up after he grabbed onto Dober’s glove.

The bout returned to the center of the octagon, and it was there that Glenn’s fate was sealed.

Dober connected with a colossal shot that sent Glenn plummeting to the mat. Dober wasted no time and followed Glenn to the canvas, unleashing a relentless flurry of punches on “The Gladiator.” The referee promptly stepped in to halt the contest, awarding Dober a triumphant victory in his inaugural appearance as a father.

As Dober returned to his corner, he knelt with a contented smile, awaiting the official confirmation of his victory. In the audience, his wife and their newborn daughter cheered on the first-time father’s remarkable triumph.

The official result declared Drew Dober the winner, defeating Ricky Glenn via TKO (punches) in the first round at 2:36.