Drew Dober almost gets knocked out, comes back with a K.O. of his own

Drew Dober and Terrence Mckinney delivered the best round of the night so far.

Mckinney started the fight looking better than ever. 10 seconds into the round and he already had Drew Dober in all sorts of trouble. Mckinney hit him with punches and knees that wobbled Dober and made the ref very close to calling the fight.

However, Dober showed he had a heart as he was able to recover and bring the fight to Mckinney.

Not only was he able to come back, at around 2 minutes into the round, but Dober also landed a hard knee that rocked Mckinney. From there Dober got on top of his opponent and finished the fight with heavy ground and pound.

After the fight, Dober praised Mckinney’s abilities and stated that “it was the toughest first round of my career”.

The UFC veteran also called out Bobby Green for a potential future matchup.

With this victory, Dober gets away from the 2-fight losing streak he was on, and now holds a record of 24 wins, 11 losses, and 1 no contest. Drew became the fifth lightweight with the most knockout victories in UFC history.