Drake disses Dillon Danis with a Logan Paul fancam compilation after massive bet

Rapper Drake criticized Dillon Danis after the boxer lost against Logan Paul. Drake had previously wagered an enormous $850,000 on Dillon Danis for his victory.

In an epic showdown on October 14, YouTube sensation Logan Paul faced off against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis in a much-anticipated boxing match.

Months of animosity culminated in a riveting showdown between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis. This long-awaited clash promised to settle their simmering differences once and for all.

It was Paul who emerged victorious, as Dillon ended up being disqualified in the match. This was because Danis attempted prohibited grappling maneuvers during the match, clearly out of bounds in the realm of boxing.

The stakes were raised even higher when Canadian rap icon Drake threw his hat into the ring, wagering a staggering $850k on Logan’s win by knockout. Given that Drake’s gambling past has sometimes been called a ‘curse’, this disturbed Paul’s fan base.

For instance, Drake wagered $400k earlier this year on Jake Paul against Tommy Fury. Jake notably lost the match, and ended up receiving his first loss in the sport.

Contrary to apprehensions, fortune favored Drake this time. Nevertheless, Dillon Danis was far from pleased with Drake’s apparent lack of faith.

He expressed his discontent in a tweet, proclaiming: “850 on my head is disrespect.” This was a subtle nod to Drake’s chart-topper ‘I’m Upset.’

In a retaliatory move, Drake released a compelling video montage. He responded by posting what looked to be some kind of fancam, which included a montage of Paul’s WWE exploits before cutting to a video of Logan defeating Danis on October 14.

That’s not all, however. The video then changed to Drake himself before moving over to his wager on Stake, where he infamously bet $850K on Paul. The entire video was synchronized with his track ‘Upset.’