DJ Varela Loses Over 300 Pounds – Wants to Compete in MMA

With only 18 months, DJ Varela achieved extreme weight loss, having previously weighed in at over 500 pounds. He currently weighs around 280 pounds.

The nightlife promoter spent most of his days in the night clubs always consuming unhealthy foods and drinks. This resulted in his weight being unmanageable and exponentially growing. He then decided to change.

DJ Varela started hitting the gym and hired a personal trainer to regain his healthy body. With a lot of hard work and dedication, he succeeded.

DJ Varela recently attended an episode of the Truly web series Brand New Me. There he talked about his bad habits and how he came to make a radical change:

“The drinking, the eating, the late nights, that kept going down a long road. A typical day for me was snacking constantly, whether it was chips, ramen, a sandwich, constantly snacking,” told DJ Varela.

He also talked about his new dream to compete inside an octagon. He said that that would be his new goal after he succeeded in losing weight.

“My workout routine has evolved throughout the years. In the beginning, it was mainly based on strength training, now it’s more so based on technique and more functional. Being an MMA fighter has been a dream of mine since my weight loss journey.” DJ Varela added.

However, he still needs to lose some weight to be able to compete in mixed martial arts. Becoming a fighter is also a completely different thing than just losing weight. But, seeing his dedication in achieving his dream, a lot of people wouldn’t doubt him.